Market Watch: Joy Fruit

Post by: Aleda

In the Kew Gardens neighborhood of Queens, you can find Joy Fruit on Metropolitan Avenue right by Forest Park.  It is a Korean owned mom & pop shop that boasts an adorable gray fat cat watching over the store.  Joy Fruit is not so unlike most other New York City fruit stands, with the exception that in the world of hit-or-miss produce stands it is usually way more hit than miss.  It is also open 24/7, a true gem and an oddity in this area of Queens.  They carry fresh organic produce, often at some of the best prices around.  There is a more fully stocked Associated directly across the street, but Joy Fruit has seemed to figure out pricing in a way that gives it an edge over the smaller selection of products the store carries.  They will often price in season fruits more cheaply than Associated and have other staples available for better prices, often eggs and certain brands of hummus and dried fruits & nuts.

Fresh, delicious radishes and scallions at Joy Fruit

Beyond just good selection of fruits & veggies, they have a pretty decent cheese and hummus selection for a small store and a good selection of harder to find organic brands of processed foods from cookies to pasta.  They carry a good line of delicious Israeli juices as well as great Asian food products that are harder to find in the Kew Gardens area, from tofu to kimchi to seasoned seaweed, soba noodles and shitake mushrooms, a novice cook who likes to dabble in Asian recipes can finally get a few of the basics here without having to travel to Elmhurst or Flushing.

So if you’re searching for good produce Kew Gardens, need some 4 am ice cream, or last minute fresh late night dinner ingredients, check out Joy Fruit.  And say hi to that adorable fat cat for me.

Joy Fruit is open 24 hours.

11608 Metropolitan Ave, Kew Gardens (Queens)

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