Market Watch: Golden Farm

Post by: Kim

Affectionately abbreviated “G Farm” by my husband and I, Golden Farm is a neighborhood legend and the kind of store that fits comfortably into our shopping routine.  While Golden Farm could arguably be classified as both a green grocer and health food store because of the natural food items they carry, the competitive prices and lack of pretension lend themselves to the type of shopping experience which I hope to champion on this blog.   

Golden Farm’s main asset is its selection.  They carry a range of processed and packaged foods, from national brands you’ll find at Foodtown to regional organic and imported brands.  Nearly two thirds of the store is produce but you should be able to complete a full shop without an issue.  They carry a full range of grains, rices, and beans and many of your hard to find pantry goods: whole grain and unbleached flours, minimally processed sugars, Bonne Maman preserves, barley, and Arborio rice along with General Mills, Domino, Smucker’s, and Minute Rice.  Short of buying your bread warm from the bakery, Golden Farms’ bread section is unsurpassed.  Loaves of loosely wrapped French, sourdough, challah, and rye are on offer as well as flatbreads and dense, dark Eastern European breads from local New York City bakeries.  Fruits and vegetables are marked with their country of origin and, while this may not be specific enough for those locavores among us, it at least gives you the option of choosing between the California grown grapes and those imported from Chile.  Every once in a while you will spot a specialty produce item you are otherwise not likely to find outside of a farmer’s market such yellow plums, a bunch of dandelion greens, or an unusual melon.  A box of mixed organic salad greens will set you back around $2. 


To temper expectations, I will add that Golden Farm stocks ingredients; very little shelf space is dedicated to convenience food.  You will not be able to walk out of the store with a ready to eat meal.  As with most green grocers, the freshness of their produce is sometimes an issue.  Certain delicate produce such as eggplant or zucchini are almost never worth buying.  Their meat selections are minimal and, while they carry a good variety of cheeses, they are expensive and usually not worth the money.  That said, I think the types and quantities of foods Golden Farm carries encourages healthy eating by focusing on fresh produce and the individual elements of a meal while meats and processed foods remain an afterthought.  

Golden Farm is open 24 hours. 

329 Church Ave
Kensington (Brooklyn)

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