The Long Weekend Market

Post by: Kim

Yesterday morning, the husband and I got up early, ate a quick pancake breakfast, and headed into Manhattan to run a few errands.  While our Saturdays usually begin with the five mile round trip walk up to the Grand Army Plaza farmers market in Brooklyn, we will occasionally take a turn through the notorious Union Square farmers market when we’re in “the city” and feeling ambitious enough to navigate the crowds or are looking to woo an out of town guest.  I usually prefer the relative peace of my outer borough market but I find that Union Square is particularly fun to visit on the verge of a changing season.  

Today offered several varieties of winter squash and new crop apples along with its mounds of tomatoes, corn, and stone fruit.  I picked up the season’s first celeriac bulb which was promptly julienned and tossed with mayonnaise, mustard, lemon, salt, and pepper upon its arrival in my Brooklyn kitchen.  There is also a bunch of golden beets in my refrigerator waiting to be roasted. 

This is the kind of New York weekend to be savored, still overheated a little by the afternoon sun but chilled slightly in the morning when you take the dog out.  Days like this, traipsing around Manhattan becomes bearable again.  Happy Labor Day, friends. 

I like to think that these onions are a nod to my hometown hockey team. Here’s to a good season.

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