Market Watch: Ess-A-Pickle and The Pickle Guys

Post by: Kim

With the Jewish holidays at our doorstep, I thought it only appropriate to post about something near and dear to my culturally Jewish husband’s heart: pickles.  While some of us might be appeased by a Vlasic or a Claussen straight from the vinegary jar, my husband will have none of it.  A true pickle snob, he has vigilantly hunted down the best spots to source his pickles.  Here are two of the best in Brooklyn:


Ess-A-Pickle is the reincarnation of Guss’ Pickles, the beloved Lower East Side haunt which used to occupy a closet-sized façade on Orchard street.  While the pickle barrels are now off the sidewalk and hidden away in the generously air-conditioned front room of a Borough Park warehouse, their goods are well worth the trip.  Their sour pickles are crisp and comparatively mild and their stock is always consistent in flavor and texture.  They offer a range of products including sauerkraut, mustards, marinated artichokes, and even pickled lemons.  


Husband’s pick: pickled green tomatoes

1470 39th Street

Borough Park (Brooklyn)


The Pickle Guys

The Pickle Guys Brooklyn location offers a huge variety of pickled goods including olives, peppers, mixed vegetables, garlic, and okra in addition to their requisite cucumber pickles.  The storefront is filled with several dozen barrels displaying their generous spread and plenty of sampling options.  The Pickle Guys’ sours are much more intensely flavored – saltier, with a strong garlic bite – and slightly less crisp than Ess-A-Pickle’s sours but cannot be beat for their selection.  


Husband’s pick: pickled celery

1364 Coney Island Avenue

Midwood (Brooklyn)

Official website

L’Shana Tova!

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