Market Watch: Trade Fair

Post by: Aleda

Today I went to my local Trade Fair in Richmond Hill, one of eleven Trade Fair stores located in Queens.  I love this supermarket.  The diversity of food selection is a reminder of why I love living in Queens so very much.  Trade Fair prides itself on carrying a wide range of ethnic foods and delicacies that fit the neighborhood of the individual store.  The Richmond Hill Trade Fair has a “smörgåsbord” of international delights, specializing in foods from Central America, the West Indies, South Asia and Indonesia.

There are large fresh produce sections both inside and outside of the store.  They have a huge selection of sodas and juices from Latin America, the West Indies and the Caribbean. I know as a pusher of healthy eating soda should be low on my list, but when it comes to the crazy fruit flavors of sugary beverages from Latin America and the Caribbean I just can’t help myself sometimes.  I’m a sucker for a Guyanese lime rickey.

This Trade Fair also has an amazing selection of spices, marinades and seasonings.  I have a spicy Jamaican coconut mango marinade that I am absolutely in love with.  Shelves upon shelves of chutneys beckon me.  There is literally a whole aisle length hanger of different dried peppers and there are aisles Indian spices and foods that always make me want to get adventurous in the kitchen.   You can find an abundance of delicious Mexican pastries and cookies, some pretty legit bags of chicharron (one of my husband’s faves), a whole section dedicated to Latin American cheeses, and a section for Halal foods.  There is also what seems to be a running sale on Goya beans, five cans for three bucks, which is the best stock up price I’ve found in town.

And the produce.  Oh, the produce.  It feels like every time I go to this store I find a new piece of produce I’ve never heard of.  Today I purchased fresh red beans, a first, and some jackfruit, also a first (although I must admit in the chaos of dealing with two toddlers I  grabbed them thinking they were breadfruit).  You can find a large selection brown root vegetables like yucca, incredible prices on plantains, bok choy, collard greens, tomatillos, swiss chard, star fruit and so much more.   There is always a good selection of fruit; today I got kiwis three for a dollar and oranges at eight for two, and another plus is that they carry Red Jacket Orchards organic apples at really cheap prices, satisfying my desire for the rare organic/local/affordable trifecta of produce shopping.

When it comes to standard staples like pastas & sauces, breads (non-bakery), and cereals I still rely on TraderJoe’s; the standard American packaged fare in Trade Fair (and pretty much every other chain grocer in my area) generally cost more money and have more unsavory ingredients and additives.  But, when it comes to produce, spices, baked goods, deli goods, and ethnic specialties Trade Fair is a definite go.

Trade Fair is open 24 hours.

Trade Fair

130-10 Metropolitan Avenue, Richmond Hill, Queens

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