Happy New Year! Now Back to the Monday Salad…

Post by: Aleda

Happy New Year Dear Readers!  I hope this new year brings you all love, joy, health and adventure, along with whatever else in life you really need and want.   Personally I am expecting a lot from 2011 after the disaster that was 2010, and at least in one aspect will be getting a lot as I am eagerly expecting my third little rebel.   My family and I have weathered the storm of four family funerals this year, so a new addition couldn’t possibly seem sweeter. But with that wonderful news, after the last two months of holiday food indulgence combined with the pre-cooked meals that my family suffered through while I suffered through grad school finals, it’s time to get back to healthy.  If there are two things I’ve learned through the past year it’s that time is short and you should invest in you health with the same care than you invest in your wealth.  And since I have none of the latter I’ve decided to go for aces in the former.

So.  It’s officially the first Monday of 2011, the day to reckon with reality and get back to the stresses of the regular day-to-day.  It’s hard to maintain healthy habits when your schedule is pulling you in a million directions and that tempting thing with the sugar and the salt and whatever additives is sitting there nice and neat in an easy package beckoning you to go for the quick five-minute pleasure.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with worthy culinary indulgences.  I love food and I am not embarrassed to eat the crap out of it.  I can hammer down a bacon cheeseburger and Smithwick’s (well maybe not the beer any time soon) or a plate of my favorite cheeses like the best of them.  But when it comes to your health, what you eat is your main control. Just like it doesn’t make sense to deplete your savings for a few meaningless trips to the mall, it doesn’t make much sense to deplete your health wealth for  a cheap pre-packaged meal when it can be avoided.  Deplete your savings for that dream trip to Bali, and indulge your food senses with a trip to your favorite restaurant in the city.  But during the in-between, we need ways to manage good, consistent habits.

I’ve discovered the easiest way to do this is to come prepared every week.  That’s why I’m going back to my “Monday Salads”, a ritual I proudly maintained for months and months before the fatigue of a third and fourth funeral, an overloaded class schedule, and a first trimester got me off my game.  It’s a simple concept really; buy enough greens and salad fixings to get you through the always questionable Mon-Fri schedule, and make a big salad. Keep in a big Tupperware or something similar that keeps it fresh and makes it super easy to open, dump on plate, eat and repeat throughout the week.  If you’re like me and don’t consider salad to be enough of a meal, pop open a can of red beans or chick peas and put in a separate container to throw on top for some substance and protein.  I know, I’m not very original here but sometimes the simplest things work the best.

So, happy 2011 and cheers to your health.  On my resolution list this year:  don’t let the cold prevent me from market seeking, and don’t let life keep me from posting.  I think these are two I may actually be able to keep.

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