Market Watch: World Fruit Farm

Post by: Aleda

I realized today that we’re now officially in the month of February and I have yet to uphold my New Year’s resolution of braving the completely terrible and frigid NYC weather to do some much-needed market watching for the blog.  So I pulled up my boots, dressed my toddler(s) to the nines, and made my way to the World Fruit Farm, aka the Rego Park Fruit Farm while my eldest was at school.  I’m going to give myself credit for eat least doing it before the Chinese New Year.

The World Fruit Farm is in the heart of Rego Park, Queens, on the corner of 63rd Drive & Austin Street. You can find metered street parking in front, and it’s only a few blocks way from Queens Blvd. and the 63rd Drive subway station. I sometimes envy residents of this neighborhood because they have the World Fruit Farm, and the competing other one (I forget the name but will blog post it later) on 63rd and Booth.  Two huge competing fresh produce stores.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got it pretty good in my neighborhood, and overall maybe better when it comes to a full grocery selection, but still. Two massive competing fruit stands.  Drool.

I liked the World Fruit Farm, there was a decent variety of your standard fruits and veggies with a few Asian specialties and the prices were fair.  Like with any produce stand you have to be wary of the deals; they had 3 for $1 cucumbers, and I’m glad I only got one because it was really ripe.  Delicious no doubt, but I don’t think I would have made it through all 3.  Grape tomatoes were 2 for $1, yellow delicious apples were $0.59 a pound.  They also have these ginormous bags of spring mix and baby spinach for under $5.  These bags have to be 5 lbs each.  Best salad eating deal I’ve seen, although I’m going to have to wait to purchase that until I know I can give my partner-in-blogging Kim half to take home, because as much as I love salad there’s no way I could knock that bag out before it went bad.

The main downside of the World Fruit Farms was that it was freezing.  Honestly, because of the refrigerators, it was more cold inside than out, and that combined with the moisture of today’s NYC “wintry mix” (rain/ice/snow) weather, some of the leafy greens inside weren’t fairing too well.  I was not too impressed with the head of red leaf lettuce I brought home, although I’m sure this would be different if I hadn’t been shopping in such awful, brutal, humid and freezing weather.

Below are my pics of the excursion, including a final picture of what I came home with for a total of $10.45:

World Fruit Farm

9401 63rd Drive (corner of 63rd Dr & Austin Street), Queens

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