Market Watch: Cheese of the World

Post by:  Aleda

Word(s) of warning & apology:  I’m super-duper pregnant, and it’s making my brain slightly more dysfunctional than usual, which in turn has made my posting both slightly less frequent and slightly more nutty than normal.  Between all the errands and shopping and all my grad school readings on ANOVA analysis and the transportation crisis in India, my brain spends a lot of time screaming “give me a cake and get out of my face!!!” internally. So yeah.  There’s that.

Now, back to food, which is why we’re all here.  If there were only 5 foods I could eat for the rest of my life, it would be cheese, bread, olives, cured meats, and fresh fruit.  I’m going to count olive oil as a condiment here and assume I can have it on the side (don’t argue with me I’ve got crazy hormonal rage!) along with jam.  That would be my lifetime of eating.  New York has a ton of great cheese shops, especially downtown and in downtown Brooklyn.  That’s great, unless you waddle instead of walk and live in Queens and want some quality cheese with a quickness.  Luckily for me, I live pretty close to Cheese of the World, one of the few mom-and-pop shops left on Austin Street in Forest Hills.  So as my two-year old would say, na-na-na-na-na to all you cool kids living it up in the LES and Prospect Park.  We’ve got cool stuff here too.  (Mature, I know).

Back to cheese.  I love cheese.  I don’t know as much about it as I’d like too, but I do know that I love to eat it.  I like it strong in taste and stinky in smell.  And I can get that right here in Queens at Cheese of the World, along with baguettes, olives, and freshly sliced cured meats.  The shop is pretty small and therefore lacks some of the selection you might find elsewhere, but what they do have is of good quality and is also pretty fairly priced.

The one complaint that I’ve heard about the shop is that the attendants aren’t really cheese-mongers.  Now, I’m no cheese-monger myself, so to be fair I don’t completely know the difference. Whenever I have questions on cheese or punk music I turn to my best friend Jeff, who is a connoisseur of both (making him the perfect friend for me).  I will say that I had two requests the last time I went in the shop, and I was totally satisfied with what I walked out with: 1. I need a pasteurized cheese safe for a pregnant lady and 2. I need it to not be bland.  I walked out with a goat Gouda that was so good I could cry and a Manchego that I was also really pleased with.  I got a quarter pound of each and spent about $8.

So if you’re in Queens, and you want some cheese, check this place out.  It’s also conveniently located near a jillion other stores for your shopping pleasures, and is located right off of the Forest Hills LIRR and the E,F,M & R to 71st and Continental.

And if you love cheese AND punk, you can shop here knowing that you’re in the old neighborhood of the Ramones, and right across the street from one of Joey’s old haunts, the 5 Burro cafe, serving up mean Mexican food and killer margaritas.


Cheese of the World, 71-48 Austin Street, Forest Hills, Queens

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