About the Blog:

Anyone who has ever lived in a major city can tell you that, while your grocery options are diverse, they are not necessarily ideal.  There are the ubiquitous bodegas packed with dusty cans of Campbell’s and ramen, the “delis” where meager displays of shrink-wrapped meats sit idly next to a few square slabs of Provolone and Swiss, and the green grocers with mounds of cheap, over-ripe produce.  The Safeways, Key Foods, and Food Towns still hang around but their offerings are limited, their fruits and vegetables overshadowed by towering freezer cases and dozens of cracker selections.  Of course, there are the co-ops and the health food stores, but only for those whose time and money are in abundant supply.  The urban home cook, it seems, navigates a treacherous path.

But this is not necessarily a grim fate, dear reader.

This blog aims to hunt down and deliver, in a practical and honest way, the knowledge which is perhaps inborn for many native New Yorkers: how to source, purchase, and support real, fresh food and gastronomically thrive on a budget in New York City.


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