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An Open Letter and Three Satisfying Salads for Late Winter

Post by: Kim Dear New York City, What are you doing? Your normally demure winters are now the stuff of my Midwestern childhood. You refused to plow our streets and now it seems you really don’t want to clean them … Continue reading

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Making the Best of a Bad Melon

Post by: Kim All innuendos and teenage humor aside, I want to discuss bad melons.  The cantaloupes I’ve encountered this summer have left me craving the sweet Chanterais melon we picked up at an outdoor market in Paris on our … Continue reading

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Heat, Hyperbole, and Pasta Salad

Post by: Kim I don’t do well in summer heat.  There are few experiences more unpleasant in this city than that hot breath of stagnant air pushed out of the subway tunnel by an oncoming train.  If left in the … Continue reading

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Market Watch: Golden Farm

Post by: Kim Affectionately abbreviated “G Farm” by my husband and I, Golden Farm is a neighborhood legend and the kind of store that fits comfortably into our shopping routine.  While Golden Farm could arguably be classified as both a … Continue reading

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On Compulsion and Meal Planning

Post by: Kim With the risk of scaring off the early reader of this blog, I begin my first post with a confession.  My fixation with creating the perfect meal plan borders on obsessive.  My lists are meticulous and carefully … Continue reading

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An Idea Fit for Posting

Anyone who has ever lived in a major city can tell you that, while your grocery options are diverse, they are not necessarily ideal.  There are the ubiquitous bodegas packed with dusty cans of Campbell’s and ramen, the “delis” where … Continue reading

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